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What Makes Seven Stays Special?

Seven Stays Luxury Villa in Udaipur is a great choice for you if you wish to enjoy your staycation or homestay to the fullest. As the culture of enjoying a staycation at resorts takes prominence, especially in a naturally beautiful city like Udaipur, people can often find themselves in confusion over which resort or villa they should choose.

While every villa and/or resort have their own creature comforts, we are here to tell you why Seven Stays stands out the most! Here are a few reasons that make Seven Stays Luxury Villa special.

Lake View

As the city of lakes, Udaipur has a lot of water bodies that you can please your eyes with. Seven Stays makes the most of its amazing location and lake view by ensuring that you have the best scenery. We have set a very comforting and romantic sitting arrangement at the best lake view location of the villa so that you can enjoy a romantic night straight out of movies!

Hill Location

Along with its numerous lakes, Udaipur is also blessed with Aravali Hills in its backdrop. Open waters and hill view, the two most serene natural sights are present at Seven Stays, elevating your experience and making your homestay at the villa more worthwhile. If you are the type of person who enjoys a view and grazes at the horizon for hours, breathing in the serenity, our hill location will be very pleasing for you.

Fun activities

Seven Stays was created while keeping every age group in mind. This means from kids to senior citizens, everyone can have a tonne of fun here. Not just that, they can also participate in indoor and outdoor activities together. We have board games, carrom, frisbee, badminton and a lot of fun family activities.

Kitchen and Housekeeping

One fun perk of a fun staycation is living life to the fullest and not having a care in the world. Our outstanding meals and attentive housekeeping ensure that everything stays orderly and your tasty meals are on time. We offer a wide variety of meal options along with a fully functional kitchen so that you can enjoy cooking something special by yourself too.

More Amenities

Not just all that, we also have a home theatre, bonfire, heaters and AC, TV in each room, 3 bedrooms and WiFi. All these culminate together to create a peerless homestay experience for you and your family. But the best way to truly understand Seven Stays’ amazing amenities is by experiencing them first hand. We wholeheartedly welcome you!

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