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Your Day At Seven Stays Lakevilla

Udaipur is a treat. Countless lakes, Aravali hills, culture, architecture and heritage. One can spend years in the city and still be mesmerized every now and then. One way to truly elevate your Udaipur experience is by opting for a fun little staycation. Seven Stays Lakevilla is the perfect place to enjoy a staycation in Udaipur.

Just about 25 kilometers from the city of lakes, on a calm and serene hilltop – Seven Stays gives you enchanting views of Aravali hills and lakes. The location is away from the hustle and bustle and simulates true peace of mind. Allow us to help you imagine a day at Seven Stays Lakevilla

A Day During a Staycation at Seven Stays Lakevilla

In the morning, after getting fresh in the luxurious restrooms at Seven Stays. You will be treated to a refreshing breakfast. A nice cup of coffee or tea along with a healthy, nutritious and fulfilling breakfast. The best way to enjoy it is while looking at the beautiful 360-degree mountain scenery from the Seven Stays balcony.

Then, you have a lot of activities to choose from. You can go for a little sight-seeing trip to appreciate various archeological sites in Udaipur. Buy some souvenirs to remind you of the great time you had during your staycation at Seven Stays Lakevilla. Or you can choose to stay at the resort and enjoy a refreshing walk across our beautiful lawn space.

Before you know it, it will be time for lunch. Our resident chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes from various cuisines. The meal will be a great blend of healthy and tasty. Plus, it will be a truly royal experience with a whole team of trained hospitality professionals at your service, ensuring that your comfort and experience is delightful.

As evening comes close, the golden hour will be a treat on its own. A nice cup of tea, coffee or any beverage of your choice will accompany you while you enjoy one of the most beautiful evenings and sunsets of your life! We’ll recommend you to get your camera out and capture the moment for ever! And now is the time for dinner. Heavy or light, we can provide finger-licking good taste in all situations. Just like the lunch, your dinner will also be served in the lap of luxury. More of the same amazing experience.

And as the night descends, get ready for the best movie experience of your life. At a well-equipped home theater system, this is a cinephile’s delight. You can get some great refreshments to enjoy the movie to the fullest.

And that’s the end of a typical day at Seven Stays Lakevilla. But that’s not it, we offer a tonne of other creature comforts to ensure that each of your 7-day staycation is filled with luxury, fun and memorable moments.

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